A guide to Faction tech.

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Tech cost faction and what comes with it:

Starting resources 400 MP/15 FU
Lieutenant 200/50
(Squad with Thompson/bar cost 300)
Captain 200/60
(Squad with Thompson that can upgrade bazooka, production buff cost 320)
Major 240/120
(Squad with Recon/FRTP/off map arty cost 160)
weapon racks 150/15
grenades 150/25
medic 250/10

Total 790/265


starting 420/20
t1 building 80/10
(unlocks P.faust for grenadier/Osttruppen)
t2 research (BP1) 100/40
(Unlocks Grenades for stock and call in inf/LMG)
t2 building 200/20
t3 research (BP2) 200/90
t3 building 140/15
t4 research (BP3) 100/25
(Unlocks LMG for Osttruppen)
t4 building 100/25
medics 150/0/60

Total 650/205/60


starting 390/20
molotov 80/10
At nade 125/25
special rifle 160/10
support weapon 160/20
tanks battalion 240/85
mechanized company 240/90
medics 250

Total 865/220


starting 340/10
truck call in 100/15
medical truck 200/25
(unlocks P.faust/Flame grenades/P.shrecks/HMGs/MP44)
medics 100/15
FRT 300
truck call in 100/15
mehanized 200/50
(unlocks P.faust/Flame grenades/P.shrecks/HMGs/Mp44)
Auto repair 100/15
truck call in 100/15
flak truck 200/120
All three unlock King tiger

Total 1060/260


starting 290/20
Platoon C.P. 180/30 (unlocks medic kit/Pyrotechnics 1 base gun)
Company C.P. 280/115 (unlocks 2 base gun)
anvil/hammer 200/50
(air-bust shells/Advanced warning/heavy engineers)(Vehicle trucking/gammon bomb/emergency war speed)
aec/bofor 100/15
squad size 150/35
grenade 150/15
bren/PIAT 150/15

Total 920/255

(Credits to Firesparks)


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