[USSR] Weapon, Equipment and Vehicle.

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1. Weapons for Units

PPD-40 for "Combat engineer squad". (Mosin to replace the PPD-40) or more (Mosin to replace the AVS-36)
The PPD-40 is an early Soviet submachine gun. It is almost a direct copy of the German MP 28. It fires the 7.62x25mm Tokarev cartridge giving it a controllable recoil and is a useful weapon at close ranges.

AVS-36 for "Conscript squad" and "Penal battalion". (Accuracy (F/N) 0.40/0.64)
The AVS-36 is a Soviet combat rifle capable of both semi-auto and full-auto firing mode. Produced in low numbers because of a complex design it is nevertheless a deadly weapon on the battlefield.

DP-28 for "Conscript squad".
The DP 28 is a Soviet light machinegun. It uses a very distinctive 47-round disc shaped magazine which earned it the nickname ‘The Russian record player’. It has a rate of fire similar to the US M1919 Browning.

2. Equipment for Units

Add equipment for "Conscript squad" PMK-40 Anti-infantry.
The Soviet anti-infantry mine. It is smaller and harder for enemies to spot it than the other anti-personnel mines, but causes less damage to them because it's smaller than the others.

Soviet Sandbags
Health increased from 240 to 480

_3. Vehicle _

M3A1 to replace the "T-20 Komsomolets".
The T-20 is a small and versatile tractor. Originally designed for towing artillery pieces, it is well liked and often used by infantry for transportation to the front line. It is lightly armored and armed with a light machine gun for protection.

M5 to replace the "GAZ-AAA"
This robust and reliable tri-axle Soviet truck has many roles on the battlefield. The vehicle is used to quickly deploy troops anywhere on the battlefield. Because it is unprotected, it should not be taken too close to the enemy.

It is possible to improve to a Maxim M-4 Anti-Aircraft gun.
The Gorkiy Auto Zavod-AAA M-4 Maxim AA truck is a Russian tri-axial truck mounted with a quad Maxim M-4 Anti-Aircraft gun. Although the M-4 is designed for use against low flying aircraft it is also an excellent infantry support vehicle.



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    VegnaVegna Posts: 963

    PPD-40s & AVT-36s don't fit the game and are pointless additions. If they are going to get SMGs or semi-autos then it needs to be PPSh-41 or SVT-40.

    No need to replace existing vehicles, espeically for downgrades.

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