OKW ALL Sherman health vs JT

2 years ago

What i found difficult on some maps in late game when the JT is presented is that all Sherman tanks, most becouse of the firefly that cost the most fuel, can be picked of by 2 shoots by it. For exemple i used 2 fireflyes with rockets to frontal it becouse it was the only options on that map, the shots bounced 1 time for each wich made it possible to 2 shot both of the firefly, and yes - i also used rockets on it.

My suggestion is that to give schermans at least 20+ health more so it can't be 2-times-shoted do death and have a chance to get away.

What you think?


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    2 years ago
    KatitofKatitof Posts: 6,592

    It would make these tanks so OP that its not even funny.

    Don't use tanks vs super heavy tank destroyers, use zookas/piats on them or flank them.

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    2 years ago
    MeowMeow Posts: 165

    Jagds can be outplayed , i supose that you engage jagds in their best enviroment that being long range shot for shot trading where all its charachtresitics excel , armor gets even stronger at max range , can outrange every tank , gets first shot forcing your tank to retreat cause it has it's clock ticking , 10 seconds before next shoot (doom , dead tank most of the time cause 2 shoting). What you should do is try to avoid these engagements with single firefly , maybe even 2 are not enough , 3 could do some work. Alternatively use its slow turning and moving speed send 2 cromwells and flank it if possible , if it is out in open unsupported.

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    2 years ago
    Farra13Farra13 Posts: 647

    Its frontal armour is the highest in the game, flanking is absolutely essential to score consistent penetration. That means you must avoid taking it head one with any kind of tank/vehicle, even massed tds. Use smoke to cover approaches as it lacks any way to effectively maneuver/reposition to get a good firing line, feint an assualt on one side and flank as the JT gets pulled out of position or get handheld at and a snare on top of it. COH2 requires actual tactics, positioning and strategy, not just throwing units at each other in attack move stance until one player fails to keep up, play c&c if you want a game like that.

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    2 years ago
    SkysTheLimitSkysTheLi… Posts: 2,268
    edited March 2017

    @Farra13 said:
    COH2 requires actual tactics, positioning and strategy, not just throwing units at each other in attack move stance until one player fails to keep up, play c&c if you want a game like that.

    I don't think that's really helping. He clearly wasn't a-move blobbing if he used 2 fireflies to try to stun a JagD (which by the way often moves despite having the crew stun critical on it)

    I sympathize with the spirit of this issue, but it has more to do with bad maps IMO than anything else. A great many maps (team game ones moreso than 1v1s) do not offer good flanking routes needed to break some of standoffs that occur. Plenty of them do, but are simply too clustered for you to use them without being stopped by their teammate. Buffing sherman health spills into a cascade of other balance issues, and I don't think it's anything about the units themselves. Too many maps jsut aren't well designed around some of the ridiculous synergy that comes up in team games.

    Going for a JagD is a huge risk in a 1v1. 2v2s its not only way easier to float the resources for it, but it's way more practical to use in-game.

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    2 years ago
    LazarusLazarus Posts: 4,017
    Engaging the Jagd with vehicles is just bad business. Either use infantry or do what the Allies do - call in arty cover, or air supremacy, or P47s (even they cant miss a stationary Jagd), or typhoons, or IL2 bombs. You get the idea. Drop something on it from the sky. Even with the nerf air supremacy can almost outright kill a jagdtiger - will certainly leave it vulnerable but more importantly it moves it out of position which is when you dive on it and crack it open.
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    2 years ago

    @Meow написал:
    10 seconds before next shoot

    Recharge jagdtiger of 8.6 seconds. 10 seconds is isu152

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    2 years ago
    _Aqua__Aqua_ Posts: 1,951

    Jagds and Eles are probably one of the few times I can say "smoke and flank" without sarcasm.

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    2 years ago
    thedarkarmadillothedarkar… Posts: 5,790
    @_Aqua_ as the usf? They only have smoke on: rifles, mortars, lt, pak howi, off map, shermans, m8s, and e8s. How do you expect a usf player to grab one of those niche units? Nonono need to be able to make life riflemen and focus fire it down head on.
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    2 years ago

    Imo the population off all heavy and super heavy tanks should be raised, starting with units like Comet and Panther (both 16 pop). T4 TDs should get a small population increase too. Population wise you get 3 Comet (3x 16 pop) for 4 Cromwell (4x 12 pop) for example, guess whats way better. For a Kingtiger or Jagdtiger (both 21 pop) you are not even getting two Shermans (12 pop). Thats just weird and feels unbalanced especially in 3v3 and 4vs4 if you ask me.

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    2 years ago
    thedarkarmadillothedarkar… Posts: 5,790
    I disagree with increasing pop costs, all it does is reduce options and permits the idea or 1 man armies. The unit is alreay limited to 1 so if it ALSO has great support, thats on the allied player not bleeding hard enough. I DO think heavies should be tied to tech, no ifs ands or buts. But pop imo is a bad direction, coukd just kill the unit- see 17lb emplacment for more details
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    2 years ago
    comrade_daelincomrade_d… Posts: 2,948

    Or you could just use a Cromwell/ Comet along with one Firefly, rather than two Fireflies.

    Also, trying to make broad generalizations between all Sherman units in the game, but only cite concern for the specific performance of one.

    I believe most people do that via racism...

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