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    2 years ago
    thedarkarmadillothedarkar… Posts: 5,823
    Close up shop guys! As long as there are other options (regardless of how boring and cheesy) we dont need to fix anything!
    P4 is underpowered? Good thing there are stugs, mechanized and recon company sucks? Just use rangers and calliopes!
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    2 years ago
    SAY_MY_NAMESAY_MY_NA… Posts: 257
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    @Katitof ha detto:

    @gydh56 said:
    Soviets don't have to use conscripts, as there is always penal battalions. If you use conscripts though, maxim spam is powerful.

    You're 1-2 patches behind, mate.
    Neither conscripts nor maxims are viable anymore.

    That is the reason why no one uses them anymore you know.

    Conscripts build are perfectly fine with ppsh.
    They just need a proper non doc ai upgrade (preferably mid range one, as cons themselfs scale perfectly for a jack of all trades unit with that huge bonus accuracy, and we need everything now but cons that non doc overlaps with shocks).

    Maxim needs to get a better suppression (the wole idea of changing it from offensive to defensive-offensive mg with ide arc and ultra reduced suppression was a bad idea that didn't fit soviets design.
    It just needed to stop instapin panzers and a reductrion in deployement time
    Like a lot of community changes, overcomplicated changes over simple no brainer, that end up doing more harm than good (and indeed now we stay with this version of maxim).

    Just think what would have happened if stug/H TD nerf would have been implemented and panzer 4/Panther woud have stayed like that because of relic cutting immidiatly after support.

    Same for jadgpanzer 4, if stealth is that much of an issue straight up remove it and rework veterancy, or make it vet 3/4.
    If armor is too much nerf it and give it stug like mobility.
    The slowest unturretted tank destroyer with subpar penetration and zero scaling in at job priced 145 fuel for it's armor and it's newly nerfed stealth in a faction full of meatshields.....why would i ever get it ?

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