SCAR/LUA help needed

3 years ago
JLXJLX Ottawa, CanadaPosts: 29

I have a game mode mod with the following in a .scar file:

local function MyFunction_OnInit()
    for i = 1, World_GetPlayerCount() do
        local player = World_GetPlayerAt(i)
        local playername = Player_GetDisplayName(player)
        UI_SystemMessageShow(playername)            -- This displays playername correctly
        if playername=="SomePlayerName" then        -- This never evaluates to true...
            DoStuff()                           --, this is never executed


I'm new to LUA but see that Player_GetDisplayName() returns a LocString while I assume that "somePlayerName" is a regular String. Is there a type issue? I tried tostring(playername) == "SomePlayerName" but that didn't work either.

What am I missing?


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    3 years ago
    eliw00deliw00d Posts: 1,086
    edited June 2017

    Unfortunately Lua's tostring won't work for this. You just have to access the part of the LocString that has a string, like so:

    local playername = Player_GetDisplayName(player)[1]

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