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    4 years ago
    MeowMeow Posts: 165

    @SkysTheLimit said:

    @Meow said:
    I guess 10% vet is also useless you will almost never benefit from having 10% faster vet1 ability , most of the time you will use ability when it does not matter. Boost would only benefit you if you would throw AT nade at close moment after promotion to vet 1 cause otherwise you could get vet 1 without boost and still be able to AT nade.

    It doesn't stop working after vet 1... The difference in vet speed is noticeable, I notice my maxims getting vetted up much quicker when I have the 10% mg bonus on. Considering there is zero downside to using a bulletin, saying they are completely worthless is just wrong. The differences are small, but suggesting they don't exist because you can't easily notice them is just silly.

    They exist but provide such small benefit that having them makes you feel that you have advantage so its psychological trick in some way. 10% vet is noticeable but does not have huge impact.
    I said they add almost none benefit , but they add so small that in most cases does not have any impact.
    Instead of 10 bursts you promote after 9 for example big deal?
    Instead of 20 for vet 2 you promote after 18 still not good you could squeeze those 2 bursts without bulletin if you microed more effectively thus making 10% increased vet not noticeable its almost always your fault how fast your unit vets up always you can squeeze more exp for promotion unless you max out all micro potential of unit or human limits only at that lvl 10% vet speed matters but not much , you have small window of advantage (1 burst is better due to higher vet than without bulletin)
    So bulletin adds 1 better mg burst than non bulletin user.

    But bulletins are free and so weak that nobody cares about them , real issue was when you could stack exp bulletins before.

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    4 years ago
    BaálthazorBaálthazor The shoreline by the river Styx.Posts: 1,092
    They might not be worth it if you only ever build 1 or 2 of a unit, but if you base your primary build around a unit which then vets 10% faster, I agree with @SkysTheLimit ,they are nothing to scoff at.

    Personally I also notice a difference in performance of you use multiple accuracy bulletins. Using the two accuracy bulletins for the mg42(for a total of 5%) coupled with the 4% increased rate of fire bulletin, diffinately makes the thing more effective, imo.
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    4 years ago


    You are right, the British faction are cheaper and flat out better than their counterparts . Balanced? absolutely not

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