ardennes assault campaign mod help

3 years ago

i tried to replay the ardennes assault campaign but it had a mod installed and i dont know how to take it out


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    3 years ago

    help me pls

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    3 years ago
    ThatguyThatguy Posts: 41

    all units added mod? I don't think its a mod, I have the same problem and it seems to be bugged. Relic pls help

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    3 years ago
    Username_02Username_… Posts: 4
    edited April 2017

    it gives me extra commander options to where it covers the man power bar and it gives units like partisans and rangers in DOG COMPANY the description of them are in german i think too

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    2 years ago
    r_fralexr_fralex Posts: 180 admin

    Hi @Thatguy & @Username_02 . Sorry you are having issues.

    You can see the mods you have subscribed to via the in-game modding hub - and unsubscribe (= uninstall) said mods from there. If the mod wasn't installed via the in-game modding hub or the Steam Workshop (= files just dropped manually in the game folder), you should re-download the mod, look at the files it installed / replaced, remove them, then revalidate your installation via Steam (= right click on the game your library, then "Properties").

    If that does not help, please place a ticket with tech support through - they may be able to help you figure it out.

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