[OKW][ALL] Is late game OKW OP? How should OKW change?



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    @SAY_MY_NAME said:

    3 pages discussing about gcs and factions performances, claiming that 1vs1 gcs is influenced by too much factors to be a good example.
    Than you come with teamgames that are unbalanced since 2013, what kind of stupid evasive manuver is that.

    And yet the topic overall is volks and how they are at the centre of OKW's current balance issues. You first brought into the argument about their performance in relation to rifles, then you were using the GCS as an example of OKW being UP, then you were asking for data showing OKW is OP.

    I patiently followed each and every topic.

    Volks aren't designed to match rifles in terms of performance, primarily they are too cap and later on screen your more elite units and tanks.

    A cash-prize tournament will never be a good source of balance statistics, as players will exploit whatever strategies they can to give them the greatest chance of winning. The Call-in meta was the main example of this.

    If OKW are scoring a significantly larger amount of win-streaks across all gamemodes than the other factions when in the hands of the best players (individuals playing a faction to their fullest potential) on the official leaderboards, that correlation of data suggests quite strongly the faction as a whole is overperforming.

    It wasn't a "stupid evasive maneuver", it was just doing what you requested.

    Each faction need to be able to stand on it's own, and okw, whatever is the reason (call ins/cheese or not) showed to be unable to do that in gcs, and among the players with best performance and most experience in competitive scene that's empyrical data.

    Or it could be as explained, the call-in system circumvents the main balance problem with OKW.

    That being the fact that OKW can apply huge pressure through remaining agressive and still having the resources to tech, as they have such cost efficient units (volks) performing beyond their price, forcing their opponents to divert resources from their own teching to be able to match them each engagement.

    Without call-ins, OKW pulls ahead and then snowballs unstoppably due to access to higher tier units than their opponent, who's own resources are choked by failing to be able to trade as efficiently.

    With call-ins, the allied players aren't forced to rely on tech, enabling them match OKW in terms of aggression, putting them on an even footing, or in the case of lend lease or USF armour, overwhelming them through sheer exploitation of resource advantages that call-in meta allows.

    Simply put, if you nerf both to appropriate levels, OKW won't dominate the allied stock rosters and current non-call-in reliant commanders, while at the same time putting an end to abuse of the call-in system once and for all.

    Breaking news: Obers arrives in full late game, not: "EARLY-MID GAME".

    Which is why as I have explained repeatedly, if you nerf volks performance to match their cost, you must allow Obers to hit the field earlier, as the community; myself included, has repeatedly advocated . That way you are forced to use both units of which have two different dedicated roles, volks for screening and capping, Obers for going to toe with the allied mainlines as your MP based AI damage dealers.

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