Idea for new encounters in US campaign

3 years ago

I have an idea for a few new encounters in the US Campaign Ardennes Assault. These encounters are generally secure a certain sector within a time to earn a new unit.

New Unit: M26 Pershing: (not sure if it was present or not) US heavy tank, requires all command posts unlocked. Unlike in skirmish and multiplayer, the Pershing has a crew to carry repairs if needed.

New Passive Ability: Emergency Disembark: whenever a US vehicle is destroyed, there is a small chance that some of the crew may escape with severe injury, resulting in a slightly reduced company strength loss. The crew can continue fighting or be withdrawn. This also included medics from ambulances.

New Ability: Ambulance Casualty Recovery: while the ambulance is distributing medical supplies, the ambulance can also pick up US casualties, holding up to 6 wounded infantry. The ambulance will automatically drop them off at base, earning you 10 manpower per man and recovers 1 company strength for every 6 casualties recovered.

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