More on Ardennes Assault (company abilities)

4 years ago
Vladimir DubrovskyVladimir … Posts: 32
edited April 2017 in Known Issues

I guess it's kinda connected to other AA bugs, but i've never seen anything on these so far. Here's the list:
1) No company commander say a word about the use of abilities. For example if i order a paradrop, Lt. Vastano doesn't say anything, but i can hear a default US radio operator; if i call in Cavalry riflemen Capt. Edwards is silent about it.
2) Dog company's first ability (i suppose it's called "Hold the line" or something) has the wrong icon: instead of sector borders with green shield there's Maxim MG firing.
3) Mortars are both available at tier 1 & 3.
4) The USF in AA are now having united weapon racks for both Bazookas and BARs (as in multiplayer) and i believe that it's the reason for the next problem: Dog company has no default Bazookas as they should & there's no way Baker company can get M1919 MG from a weapon rack.
Hope to get Your answer soon!

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