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Naya_TyanNaya_Tyan Russia Posts: 133

The critical damage!
Intel Bulletin

Weapons PTRs-41 increases the likelihood of damage to modules and crew equipment of the enemy by 5%.

At a distance of 100 meters is the anti-tank gun pierced the armor of 50 mm, and at a distance of 300 meters is 40 mm. the Gun had good accuracy. However, the Achilles heel of PTRs-41 was weak zabronevogo the impact of a bullet: it was not enough to get into the tank, you had to hit one of the crew members or serious the host machine.

My opinion about the PTRs-41 and Panzershreks.

I know a lot of thought at the expense of the PTRs-41 Panzerschreck.
We know that from Panzershreks not go away! PRTs-41 can easily go away.

I decided to give PTRs-41 Critical damage to the module and crew skills.
To technique the Doge could not leave with ease.


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    4 years ago
    LazarusLazarus Posts: 4,096

    To technique the Doge could not leave with ease? Italy confirmed faction?

    No need for a bulletin. The PTRS is for the most part fine for what it is. It could use some fine tuning in rate of fire but otherwise leave it alone

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    4 years ago
    comrade_daelincomrade_d… Posts: 2,948

    Doesn't mention who would use it, and what it would affect. English overall is bad to point of incomprehensible.

    I do however think there could be more PTRS related bulletins, and for that matter Penals could have one for their PTRS upgrade, ie reduced cost or accuracy/ armour penetration. You can then spread out OP's ideas among multiple bulletins.

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