Theater of War Operation Barbarossa very unbalanced. Making German side hard to play.

3 years ago
MakemapMakemap Posts: 51
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The German campaign seems to be a lot harder because their vehicles are useless and cost too much manpower/fuel for no reason.
Soviet get T34/76 for 300 manpower and 80 fuel. Yet the Panzer F1 which can barely damage T34/76 cost 450 manpower and 125 fuel. KV-1 is fine though costing 600 man power. AI barely builds them unless they get it for free.

Stug 3 E needs to miss less against infantry. It cost 320 manpower which is a bit more than T34/76. Yet Stug 3 can't do any damage to T34/76. In Operation Barbarossa the vehicles are mostly not worth building because they cost too much to build or can't penetrate.

Since these are Theater of war vehicles.

1 Make Panzer 4 F1 close to the cost of T34/76. It already cost a lot of fuel to get to Panzer 4 F1. Like 325-350 man power and 80 fuel.

2 Reduce Stug 3 E manpower from 320 to 295. Soviet T70 only cost like 270 manpower and 70 fuel. Stug can't even fight the T-34 or Kv-1. Let alone infantry because it misses like crazy.

Also where are these tanks? We should be able to build these. Replace the T70. T70 was not built in 1941.


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    3 years ago
    Omid_HesamOmid_Hesam Islamic Republic of IRANPosts: 142

    I all agree with you
    The cost of P4 ausf F1 must be reduced and the fuel cost of kv1 must be increase
    And I think it's a good Idea if Relic Add a Panzer 3 ausf J to the german Tech3

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    2 years ago
    NapoqeNapoqe Posts: 60
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    I finished 100% of the difficulties of the theater of war campaigns. And realized that the first two I remember, the much greater difficulty difference between Germany and the Soviet Union. The campaigns of the Germans are much more difficult. And for me I got 100%, I sent a lot of PaK 40, and I used several errors like Storm Troops with Panzerschreck (which at that time did not exist). In the mission (Schildkroteberg) to defend the German base against Soviet waves, I accumulated resource, and already wore Panzer 4 in the third wave. But change can not use damage abilities on the basis of Automatch, also affect this mission, leaving much less efficient these skills in the mission.
    In the Tiger Ace mission without buging, I think it's impossible to win on the General difficulty. Destroy 3 KV-2 enemies, with modified Tiger, no pioneers to consert for free.

    By reporting these errors, I wish that Relic, do not take my achievements or penalty for me. In the Automatch I play honestly, and I was sincere here in what I thought of the campaigns of the theater of war. I wish that adjustment the theater of war and add in the game the Campaign of North Africa.

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