Do allied airplanes die way to quick?

1 week ago
Hello I am quite new to company of heroes 2 multyplayer. But I have noticed that the sector patrol aircraft for the US, Brists and soviets eather die after 1 pass or in some cases instantly without doing anithing. Meanwhile the stuka patrols the Germans get almost never get shot down or very rarely, they mostly patrol untill the timer is up. Is this intentional or a mistake. It just doesn't feel right because the allies had way more air support in Europe than the Germans in late war.


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    1 week ago
    VegnaVegna Posts: 833

    I think one of the issues is the amount of AA the Germans tend to get compared to Allies.

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    6 days ago
    _Aqua__Aqua_ Posts: 1,833

    Axis tends to have more AA in general. They also have more late-game AA through prevalent pintle-mounts, Ostwinds and the OKW flak HQ. Meanwhile, the Allies have 2 non-doc tanks that can fight air units- Sherman w/ pintle and the Centaur, which is rarely built due to poor survivability- and their remaining AA comes from the two AA halftracks. I think its a design oversight rather than a conscious decision.

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    3 days ago
    Mr_RuinMr_Ruin Posts: 48

    Well Allies did have less AA cause there was no need for it cause Luftwaffe was a wreck by the time of 43./44./45. from which most units are taken. While Axis was by then in fear of allied air power, so they had a lot of AA options.

    And that is more or less what it is, they cannot invent units which did not exist.

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