Silver M2 Flamethrowers for USF and UK

1 year ago

Silver M2 Flamethrowers for both the USF and UK factions

The issue is as the title states the USF and UK Factions have Silver M2 Flamethrowers.

The M2 Flamethrowers for both USF and UK have a silver texture, no matter what unit you use for either faction the M2 Flamethrower is silver. All you gotta do to get this bug is play as the USF or UK and select the M2 Flamethrower upgrade for one of the infantry squads that can use flamethrowers. When completed the Flamethrowers will have this Bright Silver texture instead of an Olive Green Drab like they are supposed to. It doesn't matter what map you play on or what game mode this bug always occurs, as it is only cosmetic and not game breaking it is fairly easy to replicate. I have my graphics set to maximum, and my resolution is set to 1366x768

This bug was reported on steam and on this exact forum but yet there has been no fix for it, this is something that needs to be fixed. It may only be cosmetic but it's an annoying bug none the less, and it generally ruins the immersion of the game. Here is a link to other forums posts with screenshots and people requesting the bug be fixed. I would like to see this bug fixed in the next patch or hotfix as I stated it just ruins the immersion and feeling of the game.

Thank you for your time Relic.

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