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Lets consider how idiotic this last patch was, shall we?

M17, which is meant to counter infantry, was nerfed because infantry had trouble countering it.

The 120mm mortar, which is significantly more expensive than the standard mortar and a specialized call-in unit meant to outclass the standard mortar, was nerfed because the standard mortar didn't counter it. It was also nerfed because it had the same range as a pack-howitzer, even though it's the Soviet version of the pack-howitzer and is needed for balance.

Penal Battalions were nerfed because they won engagements against German infantry even though their purpose is to counter infantry. Even when they were good, they were outclassed by late game German infantry and fall off. Now, Assault Pioneers, an insanely overpowered super unit that will instantly kill enemy squads in close quarters and suffers no movement penalties in harsh terrain, have free run of the map and can absolutely crush any squad Russians produce.

The Maxim MG was nerfed because people "were spamming it," even though Germans spam MG's EVERY GAME and the German MG's have twice the range, twice the firing arc, three times the firing speed, twice the suppression, and a veteran ability that lets them kill tanks, all for the same price. It's disgusting.

Cromwells, which have less armor and inferior firepower to the German Pazner IV while costing the same price, had an advantage in mobility. Now, they are rolling piles of crap that can't even accelerate faster going forward than a King Tiger IN REVERSE.

Oh, and let's not forget how Russian T4 units (rockets and a T34) are the same units the Germans get in T2 (rockets) and T3 (Panzer IV). But hey, the Germans being able to spam rush superior tanks earlier than Russians is cool and makes total sense, loving the balance!

The whole basis behind this game is that Allies have an advantage in the early game and Axis auto-win in the late game. Now, both sides are relatively equal at the start, but by the time mid-game hits, the Axis absolutely dominate. Allied players have to work twice as hard to win any game and it's not right.

Not to mention the fact that German abilities, across the board, are hands down better than Allied. Perfect example, no offensive ability can be cast in an enemy base except (1) the German mortar barrage and (2) the German Stuka nuke that gives no warning and no flares. Cool!

These changes are in addition to other screw-ups these devs have made, such as nerfing the Soviet Industry Commander, by replacing the Fuel for Munitions perk with an air drop that gets shot down 9 times out of 10 because the Germans get free AA in their base and buildings and the plane FLIES OVER THE GERMAN BASE. Which, by the way, is the same reason almost all the Allied air based abilities don't work, because German AA covers half the map and they get it for free. Meanwhile Germans get a 5 minute long supply drop off one cast and can stand there collecting resources with absolutely zero threat of getting shot down.



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