changelog for CoH 1

2 years ago

Hi, today i install an update for CoH 1, where is changelog ?



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    2 years ago
    SquishyMuffinSquishyMu… Posts: 434

    To do with the addition of an in-game modding menu/client so you don't have to exit the game to install a mod etc. Like Coh2. Plus there's some hubbub about an Eastern Factions mod.

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    2 years ago
    iA3 - HHiA3 - HH IRANPosts: 284

    is good feature but now i have a problem: Crash

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    2 years ago
    dukejasondukejason Posts: 1,382 mod

    Whats the issue?

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    2 years ago
    ChibzChibz Posts: 5

    is there an area to post issues?? i cant seem to find it and after a recent update my game wont load and i have had no help from steam and their community

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    2 years ago
    ChibzChibz Posts: 5

    worst community ever

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    2 years ago
    ChibzChibz Posts: 5

    Thanks you after a full month on this and steam i get a non salty reply that helped me.

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