Automatic Respawn System

3 years ago

Hey, im working on a mod which converts CoH 2 into a MOBA with tuning packs. Ive re-purposed all the resources and such to fit the requirements of this mode and have completed all but one function for the baseline of the mode. This function is respawning, currently I have it set to where you are given 50 manpower at the start of the match to choose whichever hero unit you want from the barracks. At one point I had it set to give 50 manpower back to the player upon the unit dying but decided to ditch this option due to the fact that the player could easily switch to a different class if they wanted to, breaking the flow of the match. So at the moment I have used the reinforce_action to spawn a new unit once the squad dies, but for some odd reason the squad fails to respawn after it has died and respawned once already. If anyone knows more details about how the reinforce action works that would be great information to have. Any help with other respawn methods would be appreciated :D

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