Fix the Urban Defense Tactics Commander Forward Headquarters

4 years ago

We were playing 4v4 on Lienne Forest, all of us were Wehr. I was in the city fighting a sov guy using urban defense. The guy just barges in to a house then instantly sets up an FH in territory under my control. It was very disappointing to fight against him because he was backed by mortars that could not be squad wiped and were boosted to kill any early game counters. His penals were not killable because they just barge in a house then turns it into an FH and reinforces like no tomorrow. A Flame HT could not could not counter him because of the boosted penals with PTRS. Mortars get counter barraged.
FH should have set up time and be only built in territory under control and the bonuses given to be infantry given should be fixed.
No bias intended


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    3 years ago
    KuhlmannKuhlmann Posts: 9

    mortar halftrack, you even get a tiger with that commander

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    3 years ago
    thedarkarmadillothedarkar… Posts: 5,824

    urban defense is pretty annoying to fight against in certain maps for sure...but its a one trick pony, beat it and the soviet effectively has no commander.

    with 4 wher i would recommend 2 flame HT just for speedy burning. smoke and dive, attack ground on the building through the smoke, itll be aflame in no time, mortar halftrack is also a fantastic choice as it remains relevant whereas the flameHT is a bit more of a shock unit (but will be more effective at burning the buildings down)

    that said, the HQ should require friendly territory

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