CoH2Watcher (The program shows information before the game start)

3 years ago
SilQSilQ EstoniaPosts: 2
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Greetings to everyone!

I’m putting here a little project. No viruses, that has been checked.

About the Program:
Start the Company of Heroes 2. Start searching match and press ALT + TAB and press Watcher "Scan" button. If game start, program play a sound and show enemy rank's, faction choice, map name, average rank and if you click player name then opening web page ( or where you can see any information about the player.
That's why you know the opponents information before the game. If the opponents are not strong you can try something new or are too strong to try :smile:
I like to use it.

CoH2Watcher Download link
This program requires Java.


This is free program, just my school project. The school is over but the program is still working and upgrading.

If you download, please read "Readme" fail and after start the program be sure to check update.

I hope someone finds it useful.


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    3 years ago
    SilQSilQ EstoniaPosts: 2


    Version: 1.48

    Now shows battles that are against the AI.

    Version: 1.47

    Russian language correction.

    Version: 1.46

    "Short game" bug fixed

    Version: 1.45

    Sound Volume knob
    1 new notifiaction sound

    Version: 1.43

    Small look changes
    Small text changes
    Russian Language Corrections
    2 new notifiaction sound
    Older sounds made quieter
    "Start" sound make shorter

    Version: 1.42

    3 new notifiaction sound
    Language Corrections

    Version: 1.41

    Language Corrections
    1 new notifiaction sound
    Bug fix

    Version: 1.40

    New language (Russian).
    If game is founded, then Watcher play a sound.
    Settings: Sound selection, 2 different audio file.
    Language corrections.
    Shortcut miniSeized fix.

    Version: 1.32

    Language corrections
    Help Button
    Shortcut problem fixed

    Version: 1.31

    New language (Estonia)
    Donate button (not working right now)
    Some little disain elements
    small bug fixed

    Version: 1.30

    Check for update button (working now, no need to download every time this program)
    Exit button
    Font changed
    Updated settings tab:
    Language selection
    Player information webpage selection
    "All setings and program location saved" function :)
    small bug fixed

    Version: 1.18

    Bug fix (searching time raised)

    Version: 1.17

    Design Changes

    Version: 1.16

    More bugs fixed

    Version: 1.15

    Fix bugs

    Version: 1.13

    Bug fixed

    Version: 1.10

    readme file and version

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