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3 years ago
modelpaintermodelpain… Posts: 29
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hello team at relic entertainment i have been playing COH 2 since 2012
when it was first released
there has been questionable balance patches before

but right now heed my message
miragefla MR smith and GGmachine being the community developers they are developing a patch that will ruin the fragile balance still exists in this game
this has to stop

i hereby ask you to put me in charge of the 3 so i can direct their misdeeds to the better of this game
even though im not experienced in COH 2 as professional player would be

but i have good ideas that can make this game more balanced then what those 3 can cook up

this no troll or bait post this is a serious issue


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    3 years ago
    le12role12ro Posts: 2,333 mod

    Kyle_RE, the Community Liaison at Relic recently wrote:

    "Currently any balance mods that Mr. Smith, Miragefla or GGTheMachine are working on are not part of a planned or future balance patch for COH2. They are currently working on community balance mods out of their own interest and the changes in said mods are not intended for the live game (automatch).

    When the time comes to work with the community on curated balance changes once again, there will be a clear distinction and communication coming from Relic around the initiative (i.e. the Winter Balance Preview)."

    If you wish to help out with their modification, I recommend to you to contact them instead.

    Hope this helps! :)

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