Changes that can fix this game

11 months ago

hey everyone
since i have no idea how to use the mod tools to develop a revamp
i want to share some ideas that can fix this game for the better let me know if its good or bad

starting with my main faction USF
near accuracy increased from 0.71 to 0.80 to match the other rifles at close range
applies to rifleman and 2 officers
for me USFs main drawback is their reliance on rifleman from start to finish while every other faction has multpile choices in infantry
so rangers are now a non doctrional infantry avalible at battalion command post (more reason why USF players should invest in major ) instead of waiting for m10 bulldozer or pershing call ins

400 MP 10 pop cap
5 men squad with a full complement of thompsons

now lets move on to soviets
for me soviets main draw back is the lack of a good starting infantry

while penals are good they are expensive
so now i propose the following

stelky infantry squad (standard infantry of the soviet union)
260 MP cost 7 pop cap
6 mosin nagant rifles with 12 damage with gren kar98k acccuacy level
must purchase molotovs for their upgarde which is called red banner stelky

while sterlky is a defensive unit red banner stelky will switch the defense bonuses for offensvive
grants 1 red flag and 5 PPPSH 41 SMGs with F1 frag grenades replacing molotovs

replaces conscripts

T34/85 as a sepearate unit removed from commanders
gun is now upgradeble on stock T34 for 90 munitions with 20 second delay
F34 76 mm gun pen is 145/150/160
upgareded zis 53 85mm gun 190/200/220

KV 1 heavy tank
i feel like KV 1 is way too weak as a heavy tank to improve this i propose the same change i came up with T34
and 85 mm gun upgrade for 90 muni reduced AOE

gammon bomb damage reduced to 100
aoe from 5 to 4
45 muni throw cost

light smoke greande replaced with a proper m18 smoke grenade

Bofors emplacement
attack ground removed to promote more daring counter tactics to happen to it


mortar emplacement

increased range to 100
cost from 400 to 440


incendary grenade replaced with a frag greande

STG 44 upgarde replaced with an LMG 34 upgrade to emphisaze their long range role

combat package now grants 2 panzerschreks and m24 nebel greande (smoke)
cost from 90 to 130

accuracy brought in line with pack howitzer

panzer 4 J armor from 200 to 160
cost from 350/150 to 300/135

i got nothing for ost :(

now read my ideas and say yay or nay on them if you are interested contact me so we can compete with the 3 community modders on developing a better balance patch

toward down right triangle

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