[BUG] Obersoldaten StG44 T-Pose

3 years ago

I've noticed that whenever Obersoldaten are equipped with their Infrared StG44 upgrade from the Special Operations Doctrine commander, that when they die in combat, they then switch to their model's default t-pose animation instead of rag-dolling or playing some death animation like they're supposed to.
Now, I know this is an old bug and it doesn't have much bearing on gameplay, but its still pretty annoying to see these cools guys turn into mimes whenever they bite the dust, so I thought I'd report it anyway. Maybe someone can fix it, I don't I know.


  • #2
    3 years ago

    Yeah, this is a really annoying issue for me, too. The problem probably triggers me a little more than it should because I have a friend who loves their STG44s tactically and doesn't care much for the unfortunate visual bug so I see this in most axis games I play with my buddies, and it's really beginning to grate on me.

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