Fall Balance Preview Replays

2 years ago
Kyle_REKyle_RE Posts: 484 admin

Please upload all replays with feedback regarding the Fall Balance Preview here.

If you have feedback regarding changes made in the FBP mod, upload your replay in your post, describe the problem you have with the change(s) and include a time stamp(s) of where the issue you are describing can be seen in action.

Seeing the impact of these changes and any unintended affects they may have (exploits, over/under performance, etc.) on gameplay / balance will go a long way in making sure the necessary adjustments / improvements are made.


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    2 years ago
    SquishyMuffinSquishyMu… Posts: 434

    Kubel isn't as bad as I thought it'd be. I do still wish it got something in return, liked easier to access vet. I wouldn't ever buy two anymore. Limiting OKW openings in my opinion.

    Leigs seems okay. Barrage shots look like they always just fall short? Smoke is nice. I prefer older range. The HE/Hollow charge shell-thing is a bit niche and not worth taking up a veterancy spot. I tried it against the Croc near the very end and it just ended up chasing the Croc.

    Mortar pit isn't cancerous on 1v1 maps like in this match on Crossroads for example.

    Stuka's barrage (near the end) wasn't terrible but it didn't wipe the weapon crews - which I guess was the purpose of the nerf but other allied launchers do wipe? So why? Incendiary round needs to be cheaper and independent from normal barrage.

    At 32:00 UKF player activates 'Hold the Line'. After the ability has finished some Infantry Sections still have the shield icon over their head, for the reminder of the match. The icon is also displayed in the portrait of the unit. I don't know if that means the ability was still active or just the icon. That is a bug right?

    I'm not entirely sure but I thought I heard my units shout ''incoming fighters'' when the ability finished. As if it was reactivated.

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