Need help recovering files and getting back!

3 years ago

Hi! I'm Chadster, developer of the Unit Variety Expansion Pack mod for Company of Heroes 2.

Its been two years since my last update, and I've been meaning to get back to CoH2 and modding in general.
The thing is, my computer has gone through plenty of cleanups and reformats while I was gone so I no longer have the original, raw files I use to work on to publish to the Workshop.

I've failed to make any online backups of the files, and I'm about to lose hope that I may no longer get back to updating my old mod.
The only chance is if there is a way to grab the raw files of the mod itself on the Steam Workshop, since I have had the latest version uploaded there.

I have no idea how, and I'm hoping to hear from you guys if any of you know anyway for me to get my files back from the Steam Workshop, and I hope I can extract the files and continue working from there to bring the mod back up on it's feet!

Hope to get help asap! Thanks in advance!


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    3 years ago
    SneakEyeSneakEye Posts: 76
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    I'm very sorry to disappoint you, but you've uploaded the compressed .sga file to the workshop and not the developments files. You may try to use a tool to extract the .sga file and retrieve most of the (compressed) files. I know about 'Corsix mod studio' and 'CoH2 SgaExtractor', but never used them myself.

    Good luck!

    P.s. It seems that you somehow managed to update this mod yesterday... how did you do that without the files?

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    3 years ago
    SSGSSG Posts: 10
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    I agree with Ramco787 that u can't directly use .rgd files to edit your mod once you extracted the .sga file.

    However, there is another way, I have an old RGD viewer/editor .exe (made by community back in DOW1 times) which can convert the .rgd file into .txt format. It recovers most of the values on coh2 .rdg files which can assist u reconstruct your .xml files in the attribute editor.

    Link is at the end. To get most out of this tool, open log settings and set "Output Level" to "Advanced". Cheers!

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