Game Freezes Mid-Session/At The End of The 'OUREN' Campaign Mission of "Ardennes Assault"!

3 years ago
F0GxLiGhTF0GxLiGhT IrelandPosts: 2

Hello there, the bug was surely been fixed, previously I was not able to start the 'Ardennes Assault' now I can, now the other bug that I have encountered is the following:

I went on playing the campaign, it's a lot of fun, now I tried to surround the Germans by occupying the border territories and narrow their re-reinforcements right down the middle, I was successful, until I reached the 'Ouren' territory the territory where you get to defend the two bridges and meet up with your allies from the northern bridge side, as soon as I complete the counter-attack waves, and complete the mission, the game just freezes, and goes to desktop right away, or sometimes freezes and stays there, my video card and sound drivers are all up to date, I run the game at roughly around 80fps, I even tried going with all-low settings to see if it still crashes when at the end of the mission I still end up with 120fps or so, it's so exhausting since I'm playing it on hard, I tried 'Save and Quit'-ing just to save the process, but still the crash had occurred 5 times already, sometimes even mid-mission. Can you please help me, or try working on that, thank you for your efforts!


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