How can i get 30k supply from relic in game ?

3 years ago

My friend just told me that he had 30 k coin by login relic in game options. I tried to find it but cant do it. Anyone know how i can get it? Thanks a lot.


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    3 years ago
    JackyDullJackyDull Posts: 56

    You will be granted with such rewards if you participate in events.

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    3 years ago
    SneakEyeSneakEye Posts: 76

    Untill December 22nd 2016 you would get the community commanders (Soviet Defensive Tactics & Wehrmacht Defensive Doctrine) when you login with your relic account ingame. The update in December changed this because those commanders were added to the in-game store. Now you should get 30k supply indeed when you login in the game with your Relic account. This works only if you didn't receive the commanders before.

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