Need more commanders

3 years ago
ReichsgardeReichsgar… Bad Tolz, Bayern, GermanyPosts: 121
edited July 2017 in Commander Feedback

We seriously need more commanders for all factions to diversify strategies and tactics. Also as a suggestion, it would be nice if current commanders, each having 5 abilities, had the option to attach a single extra ability to have more tactical flavour and flexibility. For instance, take the example of the Soviet Urban Defense Tactics Commander:

  1. Forward Headquarters
  2. M-42 45 mm Gun
  3. Armored Vehicle Detection
  4. Booby Trap Territory
  5. Incendiary Artillery Barrage
  6. +++ Guards Rifle Infantry

For someone who loves elite infantry units, he could choose to customize his default Urban Defense Tactics Commander with the Guards Rifle Infantry call-in ability to satisfy his tactical tastes.

Please consider this as this would open up many exciting opportunities for the community and produce unforgettable experiences!

Thank you!

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