Crash issue

3 years ago
whiteflashwhiteflash United StatesPosts: 8

error sometimes pops up when i boot, its random:

Could i please get some help on this crash issue, no one seems to know what is going on...

basically it boots to the splash screen then crashes, im trying to finish my map for the contest and are having no luck booting, i tried verifying files and reinstalling and deleting the mydocuments coh2 stuff so it will start that folder fresh. nothing works

ive also tried booting in bigpicture mode in steam which sometimes works but now has stopped working

i have gotten invites to coh2 games that sometimes work but now that has also stopped working

tried booting in admin mode, doesnt work

please advise, help is greatly appreciated


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    3 years ago
    whiteflashwhiteflash United StatesPosts: 8

    it seems if i remove launch options it works but i need windowed mode in coh2 to map at the same time,

    Relic, is there a easy way to do this without launch options?

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