3 years ago

Hi all, so there's this map I've been working on for about 200-300 hours over the last few months, and I think it became corrupted today somehow. (World builder won't load the map/crashes upon load attempt) I do believe I know the cause, which was that I placed one of:
(It seems to only corrupt maps after saving it then restarting the pc, I tested it several times)
Just wondering if there's ANY way I can recover all or even some of my work. I was making this map on commission from an admirer of my maps, and I don't know if I'll have the willpower to go on living if I lose all my work.
I exported the map to .sga on the same save as it became corrupted on. When I test the map in game, the game is frozen (looks similar to what happens when internet is disconnected or some one uses "drop hack" back in the day) and on the minimap everywhere that is revealed (ie not in fog of war) appears blacked out.
I thought one way to fix it might be to convert the .sga back to .sgb (like how people convert campaign maps for use on the Workshop) and somehow delete the offending object, but I Googled it for over an hour and found nothing. I also re-installed my game and that did nothing.
Is there maybe a way I can somehow delete the offending object from inside the actual save file itself?


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