Games Gone Wrong

2 years ago

Just wanted to start a thread of recordings and opinions on what could have been done different or why things go wrong in general.
this recording i show off my team vs more then 8 tanks in a 3v3 situation within about 15 minutes of game play.


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    2 years ago
    XlossXloss Posts: 235

    well. I'm not a pro but i can see that you did not capture a single fuel point at all and did not build any fuel cache.

    1. Your team don't have an specific role in the game. in 3v3 if you play as Allies atleast one of you are on the defensive role coz you are losing too much Points and not holding an area when retreating. defenders don't lost to much MP so their in-charge of fuel cache.

    2. No one went on support role like have a lot support weapons like MG, AT gunz. minimum is 2. a solo at gun is crap especially you don't have tanks to follow up for the kill. they will be kill by on map arty but it will buy you time to build up forces to a major assault. if you can't solo a fuel. ask for help.

    3. no one used smoke and
      Smoke the mg then assault them with nades
      mines help full when placed correctly to kill tanks,
      Demo Charge "i killed 4 squad of blob volks for just a 90 muni".

    4. no forward base

      soviet is crap at defending coz when they retreat they go all the away in your base. unlike usf and brits they can ove thier retreat point. soviet is powerful in assaulting, bombardment and raids. USF is an all round jack of all trades master of none. brits is one of the God in defending a zone like OKW because of emplacement and forward bases.

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