[MAP CONTEST] South Orkney Feedback Thread

3 years ago
Kyle_REKyle_RE Posts: 484 admin

This thread is for all feedback related to the map "South Orkney" as part of Relic's 2v2 Map Making Contest. This map has made by a member of the community and they would LOVE of your feedback to help them iterate on and improve their map before the next submission deadline of the contest.

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    3 years ago
    Andy_REAndy_RE Posts: 285 admin

    Congratulations! This map has passed Round 3 and is approved for the final iteration in Round 4.

    The updated map has been added to the 2v2 Map Making Contest Collection

    We encourage the community to give as much feedback as possible heading into this crucial final iteration period.

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    3 years ago
    Andy_REAndy_RE Posts: 285 admin

    RELIC FEEDBACK - Please seek additional feedback from the community.

    This map has a great overall theme and is a lot of fun to play.

    The lighting may be a bit too dark, we had issue picking out specific units on occasion.

    The central VP seems to favor the south spawn. The south of the two small stone buildings allows overwatch of the central VP with an MG, whereas the northern stone building does not.

    The Northern cutoff may be slightly easier to defend than the southern cutoff due to overall green cover and garrisons in both areas. However, this may not be a problem or may be negligible. We recommend seeking feedback on this issue.

    The eastern VP and surrounding area suffers from partial occlusion by a large crane. This should be resolved. This area can also feel a little tight to play around.

    This same VP has patches of negative cover close by on the roads. This itself isn't a problem and may be fine, but it may make this VP easier to hold than the western vp.

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    3 years ago

    The map is well made altough i would say there are balancing issues, imo its really easy for OKW to win on this map, since there are many good places for enforcements and artillery, especially OKW emplacements.
    Balancing: 6.5/10
    Looks: The building placement is done werry well, but cant judge alot since pc is a potato.
    Gampelay: 9/10, really interesting map.

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    3 years ago
    AustherusAustherus Posts: 9
    edited October 2017

    The maze-like environment and the way zones are set up can be confusing, I had trouble setting up my defenses quite a few times. It's a bit difficult to see and interact with units at the southwestern victory point, and sometimes the map feels a bit too cluttered.

    It's also a bit too dark (not sure if that's something map creators have any control over), even though it can be a breath of fresh air. Line of sight is surprisingly good considering the way the map is laid out, but the positioning of the garisonable buildings made them (mostly the ones closer to the middle of the map) less than ideal (still a good trait on a strategically relevant map I guess).

    No issues were found other than the problem with the southwestern victory point.

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    2 years ago
    Andy_REAndy_RE Posts: 285 admin

    Congratulations again on making the final cut in the 2v2 Map Making Contest! All of the maps that remain are of an extremely high quality, and we would again like to thank all map makers for their time and talent.

    Our Relic Map Judge has provided some additional feedback below for your consideration. This feedback is intended for integration purposes after the conclusion of the Map Contest, should this map be selected for inclusion in game.

    • Double check HQ weapon rack placement – USF faces away
    • Double check USF HQ placement looks a bit tight in some areas
    • Lots of tight corridors could be frustrating to maneuver light and medium vehicles around
    • Try and keep territory points away from walls to allow for space to maneuver around
    • Map doesn’t really open up for late game (heavy crush)
    • A lot more negative terrain cover around the south-eastern area

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