[MAP CONTEST] Ponary Forest Feedback Thread

3 years ago
Kyle_REKyle_RE Posts: 484 admin

This thread is for all feedback related to the map "Ponary Forest" as part of Relic's 2v2 Map Making Contest. This map has made by a member of the community and they would LOVE of your feedback to help them iterate on and improve their map before the next submission deadline of the contest.

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    3 years ago

    1. Map has a very real but playable forest feel. Very hard to pull off as pathing goes with all of the trees etc.

    1. Some of the very tall groves obscure the lane that is behind them. Maybe replace a layer of tall trees with smaller ones if possible.
    2. Needs some scrub or grass around the naked buildings for artistic reasons.
    3. North and South VPs do not appear balanced. South has grove around it making it easier to take from south. I will rewatch the replays posted above and see if that is the case.

    1. Maybe replace the large oak tree south of the north VP for obscuring view below it. Again peel a layer of tall trees off if possible.
    2. The ground fog is a little dense and abruptly cuts off about 15 ft up. But this adds to the ambience so I would not remove it. Maybe tweak it a little if possible.
    3. There are virtually no shadows, which is probably very realistic to light scatter in the fog, but in the game engine it disconnects the units from the ground so they appear to float. This may be an issue with the ground fog itself and cannot be changed? In that case I would leave it alone :P

    9/10 - This map is very unique in its presentation and also seems to really allow for the preferred method of play. There are numerous flanking options. This is very much a players map.

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    3 years ago
    Andy_REAndy_RE Posts: 299 admin
    edited September 2017

    Congratulations! This map has passed Round 3 and is approved for the final iteration in Round 4.

    The updated map has been added to the 2v2 Map Making Contest Collection.

    We encourage the community to give as much feedback as possible heading into this crucial final iteration period.

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    3 years ago
    Andy_REAndy_RE Posts: 299 admin

    RELIC FEEDBACK - Please seek additional feedback/validation from the community.

    A very good map. Striking visuals and the flow of play is highly enjoyable.

    It would seem that the central VP slightly favors the side starting in the west as there is a lot of yellow cover on their side closer to the VP.

    In the SW there is a narrow lane that is partially occluded by tall trees. This might be worth altering.

    Also another small point with regards to this same corridor. We encountered some awkward movement when sending a heavy tank along the path in conjunction with troops.

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