[MAP CONTEST] Alliance of Defiance Feedback Thread

3 years ago
Kyle_REKyle_RE Posts: 484 admin

This thread is for all feedback related to the map "Alliance of Defiance" as part of Relic's 2v2 Map Making Contest. This map has made by a member of the community and they would LOVE of your feedback to help them iterate on and improve their map before the next submission deadline of the contest.

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    3 years ago

    1. Looks good lots of cool bunker areas. Cute things like three dead trucks around a pole :)
    2. Good cutoff design.

    1. A couple points have objects that pull infantry out of the capture area.
    2. The large trench pit outside the Northern most base may hinder pathing for vehicles since there is a point in the middle of its exit. May want to move the point to one side to create a clear path thru this area for tanks. Modify its mirror trench as well.
    3. The interactivity stage has bumps that stop camera movement along the perimeter.
    4. It needs some minimap work. Easy fix for some. Contact one of the other mappers for assistance if needed.

    1. The middle point next to the middle VP is very close to the VP. Could move it more to the left etc.
    2. The map lacks some sight blockers in the middle. May favor long range units. There are lots of cover areas so maybe its not an issue.
    3. The east spawn gets two Buildings on the southern VP. There is plenty of green cover around to make up for this so I assume it has been thought of and worked around.

    8/10 - Almost 9/10. This map will be great very soon. Just needs a few finishing touches.

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    3 years ago
    Andy_REAndy_RE Posts: 285 admin
    edited September 2017

    RELIC FEEDBACK - Seek additional feedback from the community.

    Overall the visuals are great, and the balance appears to be very good bar the potential issue outlined below.

    The balance between the North and South VPs is very interesting but tough to assess.

    The building covering the North VP has less health than either of the three buildings at the South VP. It seems that all of these buildings offer similar coverage of the nearest VP, except for the Northeast building at the south VP which covers the.

    What's more, the Southern VP also has a tall building which offers great coverage in multiple directions including the VP.

    The Northern VP building is equidistant from both spawns. It also seems that the teams have equal access to each of the two one-story buildings at the southern spawn.

    This may all actually balance out and provide some very interesting play. It would be good to hear what the community thinks of this dynamic.

    The camera caches at certain points on the edge of the map. North of the North VP and South of the bottom base in particular.

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    2 years ago
    Andy_REAndy_RE Posts: 285 admin
    edited November 2017

    Congratulations again on making the final cut in the 2v2 Map making contest! All of the maps that remain are of an extremely high quality, and we would again like to thank all map makers for their time and talent.

    Our Relic Map Judge has provided some additional feedback below for your consideration. This feedback is intended for integration purposes after the conclusion of the Map Contest, should this map be selected for inclusion in game.

    o Try and keep key points a bit further apart to spread the focus on the map.
    o Double check your terrain cover. Some roads are providing negative cover while ditches and craters are providing light cover.
    o Point distance seems to slightly favour the northern base.
    o Some key brick buildings cover the southern Victory Point and Fuel point a lot better than the northern plaster building.
    o For the most part the map opens up nicely with each crush type. Though there are a couple minor spots that could shift slightly.

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    2 years ago
    whiteflashwhiteflash United StatesPosts: 8

    Noted. Thanks

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