3 years ago

T0: Rear Echelons, Rifleman, WC51, Ambulance
T1: LT, .50cal, AT gun, PAK howie, M20
T2: CPT, AAHT, stuart, Scot
T3: MJR, sherman, easy eight, jackson

  • USF mortar removed
  • FRP moved from major to ambulance and locked behind upgrade in hq available after you reach t1/t2; this way ambulance would work as a mobile hq
  • weapon racks changed to on field weapon upgrades with delay

This might not be the best way to design usf but its way better than how the faction currently looks. I know the game is dead and there probably wont be any more patches. But still its nice to dream for a while.

I think that with this sort of tier composition the faction would be not only mobile but would provide different playstyle options while preserving its main mobility theme and have hard counter to any enemy plays.


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    2 years ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512
    edited December 2017

    Ya i do like this setup also. very much what I thought it should be. Also would have more use of majors artillery just because he is no longer locked down restricting the whole mobility aspect. I find myself not even using major at times. The m8 would get a lot more use as well very underused unit at the moment.

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