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2 years ago
mrdjjag81mrdjjag81 Posts: 264
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I find no words actually how usless this HMG has become. Sure, it got its arc increased last patch what does that really matter when it can't suppress inf? You can hardly argu over if it worth the 260MP from the very start of the game, becouse when okw's Volks got theyer free firegranade package once the truck it's set up it is when it start become usless, OR grens tossing granades from cover almost as long as the Maxims range. Even if you have it in a house a Volk squad can run stright up to it in the line of fire and still be able to toss the granade at it before even get's pin, and im not joking but i seen it even with the vet 1 ability activated (lol). It's not worth mentioning it in late game when Obers and P-gren start poping up. I mean, it's a HMG and should at least give some troubble to take out for inf, the counterpart mg42 can at least give troubble for inf holding a certain point. While it dosent do much of a damage, what benefits does it have really?

Suggestions to improve it(Yeah, improve! Not lower cost, becouse it will still be worthless after 5 min in to the game:
1. Remove the the vet 1 ability and increase its suppress a bit more than the ability does but without have to pay amo for it
2. Make it a 280 MP HMG but with simular supress as the mg42.

Thank you


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    2 years ago
    KatitofKatitof Posts: 6,642
    edited August 2017

    With what happened to FBP, I'd say the game is on maintenance mode from now on, don't count on any kind of balance patch from relic, modders support or not, what we have now is what we will have until the servers close.

    We might just as well close balance section of the forum permanently with how things seem to look currently.

    On the bright side, DoW3 is getting today a patch that will make it most balanced relic game ever.

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    2 years ago
    mrdjjag81mrdjjag81 Posts: 264

    It's not unplayable and still fun, but it could certainly had take some of the changes from the FBP that wasent envolving radical gamechanges, like the stuka divebomb reduce to a human level for excample

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