New Automatch System: Boot Idle Players after 5 minutes

9 months ago
KiethSomataw99KiethSoma… Posts: 45
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My recent automatch game ended in defeat because my partner, Kain, remained idle even after 30 minutes, not even responding. He allowed his HQ structure to be destroyed and the enemy to claim about all of his points as well as most of the map.

I believe that there should be a system in which if a player in an automatch game against players or ai remain idle for more than 5 minutes from start (that is issue no commands to units or structures or don't pick a doctrine), the player will be dropped from the game and replaced with AI. It's frustrating to have to deal with those kinds of players, it's better a player who does nothing be dropped and replaced with AI than a player who does nothing remain and count as 1 less player on your team. If a player has performed any action from the start, that timer is removed.


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    8 months ago

    Come on, sometimes, those players reply to my steam profile by blaming me for the defeat and harassing me. I blocked them but the damage was already done. And I may end up matching up with them in automatch against ai, which I don't want. Is it possible to implement this system?

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