Problem with COH2

9 months ago

Hello there,
I bought a new monitor about 1 month ( ASUS PG278QR) and when I playng after 5-10 minutes the game stoped and display message ''DP not Signal'' the same with HDMI cable .Dont appear message bugsplat but need to restart because all is ''A BIG BLACK'' (the voice of teamspeak works fine)
My card is ASUS 980-P-MATRIX.
I try anything :
Update drivers Nvidia and monitor
I replace cables DP and HDMI
I change the resolution from 2540 to 1920.
I discuss the problem to ROG ASUS forum and said to me that the problem perhaps is with the game
I replace the monitor with another ASUS 24 inch and everything its OK.
I playing with PG278QR other games without problem!(DOOM,Call of Duty MW,Black opps 2,3 Assasin creed and many others with no issue...
Anyone to listen about this issue?



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    9 months ago
    _Aqua__Aqua_ Posts: 1,947

    Its probably a long shot, but maybe try verifying your game files or reinstalling?

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    9 months ago

    I reinstall steam and game too.
    Fresh windows 10 install the problem remain...

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    9 months ago

    Hello, maybe there is a problem with display drivers. I had same problem when default windows hdmi driver had conflict with driver privided by graphic card producer.

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