Inventory and in game store

3 years ago

so i bought the game yesterday and was expecting to play normally but then i found that my inventory did not contain any. even the default ones (three starter commmanders) and then i also noticed that the in-game store did not contain any items. my account also has 0 ingame credits but in fact i have 30,000 from the bonus of creating a relic account. so i guess this is a connection issue to the servers? can someone help me fix it? I would really appreciate it since it's my first time and i really wanna enjoy the game to its fullest and since i am a new player. this forum is my only hope. i dont have much friends to help me with

P.S. my internet connection is fine i'm running DSL 15mpbs connection. Also i have already created an account ingame on the first time i launched it and restarted the game. seems like the problem is not connected by these and is more technical. I can successfully connect to Multiplayer games but then since my inventory is zero. i cannot equip any default commander/intel bulletins, etc. ~~~~


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