2v2 Map Contest Stalingrad Station Feedback Thread

3 years ago

Stalingrad Station
1. Mirror Map
2. Excellent line of sight (the train cars around the station itself are expertly placed and are very influnetial when used by infantry against machine guns
3. able to easily cut off resource points forcing conflict
4.The building are placed well and allow for the establishment of an early game fortress however low health
render them very vulnerable to enemy armour so they do not last long
this results in good balance
5. The flanking roads are easily defendable with a MG and anti guns in combination mines
1. if either side (imparticular the British) are able to establish a fortress on the enemies side of the station it is near impossible to remove them
2. The small size of the map render long range artillery nearly useless when attacking fortifications as counter artillery or a quick counter attack will be
easily to destroy the artillery with ease
Honestly my favorite map that i reviewed

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