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10 months ago
Hey all,

This thread is about a few ideas ive had for rebalancing base building and or teching for all the factions. I dont hold these ideas as concrete, just concepts that id like some opinions on. I am open to suggestions, changes and alternate ideas.

For USF: I think the AT Gun should be swapped from Cap to the LT, and the AA Halftrack swapped to Cap. This would give both officers more utility with the intent to provide a range of tactical options that doesnt force the player to go all Anti infantry or all Anti tank as it currently does. To compensate for earlier AT availibility I think Zooks should get a slight muni cost increase.

For Soviets: How about moving the Penals to HQ and removing conscripts entirely? Hmg could be moved to Special rifle command . Penals my need cost increase... but not sure if they do or by how much? The intent here is to provide support weapons and viable infantry which keeps pace with other factions. The problem i have with the current setup is why should players be forced to limit their tactical options with teching? Teching should expand options not pigeon hole you into choosing whether you want viable infantry OR desperately needed support weapons ( the maxim is overnerfed in my opinion).

OKW: I think the price for HQ trucks may need to come down especially as you have to pay 15 fuel for each truck before converting. Also i would allow OKW to build fuel caches. This would hopefully allow them to pace well with other factions. Or perhaps either/ or with this idea but not both? I think the units assigned to Okw tech buildings are in a good place currently.

Wehr: I think build times for phases need to be significantly reduced or perhaps removed altogether? With cost increases on the tech buildings themselves to bring them into line? Id also toy with the idea of swapping round the ostwind and panzerwerfer between tier 4 and 5, with an accuracy buff for p.werfer so it can counter sim cities or blobs better.

UKF: I think tech costs may need to be reduced slightly in light of the fact that many UKF units cos overmuch on popcap, but not sure about that. Perhaps the Aec could also simply be a unit in tier2 and the bofors could be moved to the doctrine with fortification buffs( it would get some sort of buff but not sure what?). So in essence removing the mid game branches which just serve to slow down teching and cost excess fuel. I think this would streamline the teching structure and provide a definite stock light armour option in teching, that all the other factions get. Tier 3 may need a cost increase because of this but not sure as UKF is already an expensive faction.

So what do you think of these ideas? Are they good, bad, or just really really ugly....
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