Can't play online/ weird error pop up window with no text (in game)

2 years ago
drinu019drinu019 Posts: 3
edited October 2017 in Bug Reporting

Bug Description:
Unable to play online. An error message comes up but there is no text so it's just a blank error message. I can click on all of the multiplayer options aka Automatch vs players, ai, custom match and game list but all of them give me this blank pop up message. Also tried it on a different system but the same thing happens. Also I was playing completely fine yesterday and can also play other games online without an issue.

OS: Win 10 Home edition
Memory: 16GB of 1600Mhz Ram
CPU: i5 4670k
GPU: GTX 1070
Driver Ver. : 387.92

Screenshot of the window that pops up after clicking on automatch:

Warnings log has also been uploaded.

Also checked the leaderboards and i'm guessing it's something to do with player information since there is no data of my profile. Still showing rank, wins and losses of my profile on the leaderboards though.

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