Return the old newsletters in 2013 or make a new beginning in 2018?

2 years ago
Naya_TyanNaya_Tyan Russia Posts: 133
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Hello. Those who played 2013. You probably all noticed the change in bulletins. Of course I can't show in English., but I can show an older version of the bulletins in Russian.

1-3 photo of USSR bulletins . (2013)
1) Oorah! (conscript squad cause 5% more damage.)

2) Brotherly love (USSR) (Range and rate of fire of machine guns "Maxim" increases by 5%)

3) Training of veterans; Tank (The T-34-76 and the Panzer IV 2% increased armor level and 3% accuracy.)

4-6 photo Wehrmacht bulletins (2013)
4) Brotherly love (Germany) (The accuracy and damage from heavy machine gun MG-42 to be increased by 2%)

5) Hunter on snipers (The range of the main guns at the armored cars SdKfz.221/222 increases by 10%)

6) Training fighters: SAU (Have StuG.III and SU-76 2% increased damage.)

I can show the rest of the ballots in 2013. (Only the Soviets and Germany in 2013)
I also don't remember when I changed to a new ballot. But the old is Better than now.

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