Ægion's Experimental Balance Changes MKIII

2 years ago

Hello everyone.

The purpose of this mod primarily to level out factional differences and enable alternative strategies to allow more unique a different game play from game to game. Originally I posted this here, but with the lack of discussion I decide to post over here for more feed back.

This mod does not reflect Relic but I would like to perhaps some feed back from them.


Infiltration units
Now has a 10 second delay and drops a small yellow flare to allow counter play.
All grenades start on cool down.

Infantry Held AT weapons
Infantry Held AT weapons with now kill off vehicles below 1% HP to prevent vehicles from escaping with 0 HP.

Vehicles can No longer be abandoned

Snares range is normalized at 10 to allow vehicle more freely on the field

Democharges and Variants
Due to the squad wiping nature I have removed and/or replaced them in order for better gameplay.



Molotov and AT Grenade Researched combined

What is considered the weakest of all the standard infantry. People debate weather they should get a non doc upgrade or something else. My answer is a non-doctrinal Commissar similar to the Ostheer Artillery officer.

-Initial Commissar has a long deploy time.
-Has a munition spend aura
-Able to establish a Forward Retreat point
-Vet:1 Forces Retreat a single squad like the OKW Officer

Combat Engineers
Combat Engineers in the live game are very weak and hold little value on combat especially without the flamethrower. Democharges are poor game designed so this mod will be removing them. In order to prevent "clown car" cheese, the flamethrower now requires an upgrade from the HQ.
-Now Equipped with PPSHs equal to Assault Grenadier's MP 40 Damage values
-Cost increased from 170 to 220
-Can no longer deploy demo charges
-Flamethrower locked behind Infantry Package Upgrade at the HQ


In the current state, Penals are over performing with their timing. Their range DPS per model is about equal to a USF's Riflemen and with the New Commissar they would be over powered. I decided to make them more into a Riflemen clone to Match Performance with other factions.
-Squad size decreased from 6 to 5
-Cost Changed from 300 to 270

M3A1 Scout Car
-Health now 240 from 200
-Armor now 3.4 from 5.4
-Cost now 200/10 from 190/15

** T2**

-suppression increased from 6E^-5 to 6.5E^-5

-Scatter from auto attacks from autos from 8 to 6
-scatter from barrages from 6 to 4

Doctrinal Changes

-MG's now match T34's

-No Longer come Equipped with PTRS
-Can be upgraded either PTRS or DP28s
With the PTRS gone the squad anti infantry damage is greatly increased allowing to be an effect anti infantry asset.

Shocks are good at one thing. Close Range Damage, but in order to allow their doctrines to shine I added a SVT upgrade to allow them to be used at mid range on larger maps.
-Cost Changed From 390 to 360
-Can be upgraded to SVTs

Partisan Anti Tank
-Comes Equipped with no slot weapons
-Can be upgrade either PPSHs or A Panzerschreck
-Cost now 240
-their bolt action weapons are equal to Guards
-Their Target size is now .9 from 1

Partisan Anti Infantry/Booby Trap
Booby Trap first off tended to wipe squads and with other munitions big sinks that doctrine and smaller more variable munition sink is a good alternative.
-Doctrinal Abilities replaced with PMD 6 mines
-PMD 6 mines can be deployed by partisans

Forward HQ
-No longer has the Aura Ability
-Fuel Cost decreased from 60 to 30
-now a 300 second cool down and starts on cool down.

ISU 152
-HE rounds Removed
-AP rounds are now equal the Elephant
-Secure Mode Removed
-Vet 1: World Piercing Round

120mm Mortar
now only has 4 crew members from 6

Conscripts Anti Tank Grenade Assault
-Now is a skill shot
-Conscripts will each through 3 grenades
-effective vs building and infantry now
-cost increased from 30 to 50

Ml 20 Howitzer/B4
Cost Changed from 600 manpower to 400 Manpower 70 fuel



With Grenadiers coming out later then other infantry pioneers are a weak substitute to build instead so they have received some buffs in order for effective fighting through out the game with needing the Flamethrower.
-Now uses the Assault Grenadier's MP 40 Damage values
-Cost increased from 200 to 220
-Flamethrower locked behind Battle Phase One
-Doctrinal Assault Pioneer upgrade available (100 Manpower) See below for details


-G43s and LMG 42s have been swapped
-Ambush Camouflage for Grenadiers now adds an additional G43
-Rifle Grenades now have a Trace Effect in order to be more visual to allow more proper responses


222s then to be instant death with its auto cannon for the initial light vehicles. This lets them be seen less and less so now it comes out un-upgraded.
-Auto-cannon upgrade must now be purchased.
-Fuel cost changed from 30 to 10

With out an equal light vehicle of their own, a light vehicle killer is a good alternative.
-Now available with out a Doctrine.

The time and cost for researching T4 is much higher than its counter parts. The Panther and Panzerwerfer was moved to T3 but requires Battlephase 3 to be deployed

Originally the Panzerwerfer was known for squad wipes. I have reduced the Rate of Fire so this is less likly the case.
-Suppression Removed
-Rate of Fire Decreased


-Cost Decreased from 340 to 300
-Panzerscheck Upgrade Removed
-Experimental upgrade: Flamethrower I am trying to create the Stormtrooper unit to be more unique than other Elite units. The Flamethrower costs 75 munitions and must be in supply.

Now a LMG 42 upgrade for Grens, PGrens, and Stormtroopers

Close the Pocket
Instead of trying to make it one giant "nuke," I made it so it can be used against pockets of enemies instead.
-Now a Targeted ability (requires enemy cut off sector)
-60 unit radius overwatch radius
-Launches flares to spot
-20 second delay
-Then 40 seconds of annihilating off map attacks

Sector Arty
-Similar to Close the Pocket (Friendly Territory)
-Only calls in "light arty"
-Only targets in friendly territory

Osttruppen Reserves
Replaced with Standard Osttruppen call in

Puma Dispatch
Replaced with Hull Down

Tank Traps
Now Trench Ability
Tank Traps are Non Doctrinal

Trenches/Stug E
Now a Build-able Short Barrel Panzer 4 for 300 manpower and 80 Fuel

Command Panzer
Now are OKW Panzer 4 Clone

Tiger Ace
Gained 260 Fuel Cost
No longer has the Manpower/Fuel Drain affect

Main Gun damage from 320 to 280

Assault Grenadiers
-Now and upgrade for Pioneers
-Increases squad size by one
-Received accuracy mulitplier by .95
-100 Manpower
-1 Command points

250 Half-tracks/all variants
-Now a empty Halftrack
-150 Manpower
-Starts on cooldown
-0 Command points
-can garrison Mortars.

Stuka Dive Bomb
Historically Stuka Dive Bombers either had one large bomb or 4 smaller Bombs
-Now Drops four small bombs

Supply Break
-now uses the old Stuka Dive Bomb

-Now drops one shell
-Costs changed from 200 to 160
-removed red flares

Artillery Officer
Changed the number of body guards from 3 to 4
cost increased from 240 to 270

Stuka Loiter
-now Strafe Variant

LeFH 18
Cost Changed from 600 manpower to 400 Manpower 70 fuel



Rear Echelon
Rear Echelon are know to be effective weapon carriers but with this mods changes to weapon racks, their cost is reduced to match preformance.
-Cost decreased from 200 to 180
-Volley Fire no longer adds a revived accuracy penalty.
-Non-Doctrinal Flamethrower available in Lieutenant tech.
-repair rates changed from 2 to 1.6 to match Sov/Ost

With the less range, it become vulnerable to other indirect fire. More mobility would good for evasion
-setup and tear down times reduced

Weapon Rack
-M1919 LMG is replaced with a Non Doctrinal Thompson Rack
-Costs 45 Munition
-Equal to the Para/Ranger Thompson but the Rate of Fire Reduced from 10 to 9

-Bar Rack is now Doctrinal replacing M1919 Doctrinal slot
-Max one pick up

Without the AT the player has to rely on Bazookas for vehicle defense, however M20 also requires the Munitions causing conflicting synergies.
M20 and Pack Howie are swapped

-No longer free from teching
-Lieutenant model no longer carries a Thompson
-No longer comes with a Bar
-No longer can use the grenade or smoke
-Can be upgrade to two 1919 LMGs
-Can be upgrades to two Bazookas
-Now has the On Me ability
-Now has the Cooked Frag Ability

Pack Howie
Cost Reduced from 380 to 320


-No longer free from teching
-Captain model no longer carries a Thompson
-No longer can use On Me
-Can be upgrade to two 1919 LMGs
-Can be upgrades to two Bazookas
-Now has the suppressive fire when Upgraded to 1919s

Cost 350/20 to 280/20


-No longer free from teching
-Bodyguards are now the Pathfinder Models (they have radios for calling in support)

-Health increased to 560

-now has access to a Dozer Upgrade
-Dozer upgrade increases health by 160 and armor by %20
-100 munitions

With the Scott coming out too late, I decide it to move it to a Doctrine and replace it with a Sherman 105mm

-Main gun equal to the Sherman Bulldozer in the Live game
-can be upgraded to Dozer

Armor Company

Assault Engineers
-Received accuracy changed from 1 to .9
-Demo Charge Removed

Elite Vehicle Crew
-Now Withdrawal and Refit

-Health Reduced to 400 from 640 to match other tank destroiers near it type
-Can no longer Crush Infantry

Sherman Bulldozer
-Now a build-able Sherman(76)


-Reinforcement Cost from 37 to 30

-Cost from 380 to 360
-Removed Thompson Upgrade
-Slot inventory from 2 to 3

HMG Drop
-280 Manpower to 75 Munitions

AT Gun Drop
-270 Manpower to 100 Munitions

-Now is Strafe Variant
-130 Munitions

Rifle Company

Forward Observers and Rifle Flares Combined

-now is Riflemen Field Defense

Recon Support
(no longer related to airborne)

IR Pathfinders
-now IR Marksmen
-2 man sniper equal to the Soviets Scout Sniper
-Calls in Major Arty
-Major Arty has a Global Cooldown
-400 Manpower

-Damage increased from 60 to 80
-Comes upgraded with armored skirts
-Vet one ability replaced with a scan Observation mode

Recon Straft
-now a Loiter Varient

Air Combat Group
-Now a Scott Call in
-6 Command Points

Mechanized Company

-no longer comes with the 50 cal
-50 cal can be upgraded
-starts with initial recharge
-Health is now 240
-Armor is 3.4 both front and Rear

-replaced with the Greyhound

Recon Strafe
-replaced with Combined Arms

Heavy Cavalry

-Thompson upgrade removed
-M1919 Upgrade Added


-An additional research has been added
-200 manpower 30 Fuel
-Researching this will dispatch a SWS Halftrack and allow access to Panzerfausts, MG 34, Rakenwerfers, and additional SWS Halftrack
This will help cut down on relience on volks and allow countering assests to arrive on time.


Strum Pioneers rushes can be quite problematic in the live game seeing other Engineers can not compete with them in fire power. They are no longer the starting unit. With up to three different exclusive upgrades, this unit could be over taxed. The AT upgrade was moved to Obersoldaten.

  • AT upgrade removed
  • Flamer upgrade non doctrinally when an HQ is built.
  • Volks are now the starting unit
  • repair rates changed from 3 to 2

The problem with this unit in the live game is the fact it overlaps with too many units, additionally the STG 44 upgrade was poorly implemented. I am experimenting with reducing its veternacy cost so it can scale into the late game to compete with its counter parts.
-STG upgrade Removed
-Veterancy costs reduced
-Incendiary Grenade now has a 1.2 Fuse timer


This field weapon is know for incredible range that says next to the med HQ, so I am trying to reduces it range for cost so it is more of a mobile support weapon.
Auto Attack range reduced to 75
Barrage Range Reduced to 100
Cost Reduced from 330 to 290

now in T1
now has a PZB 39 AT Rifle x4 Upgrade
100 Munition
weapons can not be dropped
Now carry G43s instead of K98s (same stats) this will make Obers seem more powerful and unique from the sound effect.


SdKfz 251 "Stuka zu Fuß" Half-track
With how its creeping barrage worked, it was a sniper of well spaced weapon teams and chasing retreating squads to easily wipe squads. I have changed it, so it fire barrages in area rather than a line.

Flak gun must now be upgraded to fire

Luftwaffe Ground Forces

Heavy Fortifications
-2cm Flak can now longer be decrew
(bug: health bar is a white bar underneath the Main Bar)

-now are dropped in
-cost reduced from 440 to 380

Special Operations

Radio Silence
This ability is just bad so I reworked the ability so it is much stronger
-Renamed to Silent Operations
-30 second duration
-Minimap Icons Removed
-Units will move at an increased pace and will be clocked for the duration

This weapon mostly negates cover like a flamethrower. I decide to change the upgrade to act more similar to regular STGs but still grant access to the heighten camo detection range. This should synergy well with the Silent Operation Ability


-aura no longer affects allies

-population per model increased from 1 to 1.5
-G43 upgrade removed
-stick grenade remove
-Rifle Grenade Upgrade added
adds two grenade launcher slot items
they deal 20 damage and have a decent scatter
minimum range of 15
adds a rifle grenade barrage
50 munitions
general does high damage but tends not to wipe models.

-damage reduced to 280 from 320

Elite Armor

Emergency Repairs
-Now Panzerfusilers

Panzer Commander
-now adds a 10% accuracy bonus like the UKF upgrade

The Sturmtiger was known for relatively unfair squad wipes.
-Now a Brummbar Call in

Feuersturm Doctrine

Through Salvage
-now an Opel Blitz call in

Flamethrower upgrade
-now a GrW 81 Call in
-GrW 81 with this Doctrine can use incendiary barrages

Flame Hetzer
-damage is equal to the KV 8

Rocket Barrage
-Not very thematic with a doctrine about fire
-now a Fire Bomb Strike

**Overwatch **

-replaced with Jaeger Light Infantry

Forward Receivers
-Now a Timed Ability
-Each HQ will call in two recon strafes with random direction
-6 command points
-100 munition



Bolster infantry
-now it allow access to officer research
-when an infantry unit research an officer upgrade, its squad size will increase by one and adds additional effects.

Weapon Rack
-only one Bren can be picked
-piats replaced with a x2 Boys AT Rifle
British infantry play is more expensive than other factions. Upgrading to piats reduced anti infantry damage by a bit. Boy AT Rifle will allow more damage to be retained vs infantry.

Infantry section
-Target Size increased from .8 to .9
-Cost reduced from 280 to 260
-Reinforce cost increased from 28 to 30
-Medical Package now is now an officer upgrade
-Medical Aura ability is now always on from time ability reducing the APM sync
-Medical Officer upgrade costs 100 Manpower
-Pyrotechnic upgrade is now an officer upgrade
-Pyrotechnic Officer costs 100 Munition

Royal Engineers
With the buffs to the other engineers, their Target Size will remain at .8 so their relative dps is the same.
-repair rates changed from 2 to 1.6
-Flamethrower upgrade now available when the Platoon Command Post is built
-Has Medical Officer upgrade costs 100 Manpower
-Heavy Engineer upgrade no longer need anvil
-Heavy Engineer upgrade is an Officer Upgrade
-no longer have access to destroy cover seeing it can destroy barb wire too early in the game

Universal Carrier
-no longer has a WASP upgrade

a three man medic squad can be built to help heal weapon teams

moved to T1

AEC and Bofors upgrade removed
Anvil and Hammer upgrade added
Anvil and Hammer are no longer exclusive
Anvil Airburst rounds removed

The Idea here is increase teching costs for the Bofors and AEC to match proper timing will not slowing down desired late game teching. The ability to research both allows more unique combos and gameplay to occur.

AEC requires Hammer
Bofors requires Anvil

Mortar Pit
Instead of one large and powerful emplacement I replaced it with smaller more expendable emplacement. Losing the current live mortar pit or not killing it could be game deciding. Additionally garrison clearing cover was finite and absolute while this smaller can be used to cover more area but still allow the opponent to use them for a time.

Mortar position
-costs 200 manpower
-auto attack range is 65
-barrage range is 90

17 Pounder
Population reduced from 20 to 14

All are now the same varient
-4 models
-no democharge
-Gammon Bomb Fuse from 1 to 1.2
-Has a Medical Officer for 100 Manpower
-Air Landing Officer from 100 Munitions
-Air Landing Officer allows for a sprint

Royal Engineers

Stand Fast
-Replaced with Demolition Engineers
-4 models
-2 Piats
-has access to destroy cover
-can be upgraded with a Medical Officer
-does not access to mine sweeper

Command Vehicle
-no long gimps the vehicle.
-aura affects minimized to 10%

Anti Building Flame Mortar Support
-Now Creates small overwatches instead of individual mortar strikes
-Flares are dropped over targets as well
-Duration 30 Seconds

Churchill AVRE
-weapon is now similar to Brummbar
-no longer fire squid wiping shots

Royal Arty

Concentration Barrage
-Replaced with Airburst Barrage
-Can no longer target in the fog of war

-Command Points reduced to 5 from 6

Commando Regiment

Commando Glider
-cost reduced from 500 to 360

Mortar Cover

  • now Flame Mortar Anti Building Support


Forward Logistic Glider
-now Glider Insertion

Tactical Support

Salvage Operation
-Only one Engineer is Spawned
-Cost reduced from 450 to 250
-Minesweeper slot item removed
-Minesweeper upgrade added
-Has Access to the Medical Officer Upgrade

Special Weapons

Tank Hunter Sections
-now Demolition Engineers call in.

Hold the Line
-bug fixed that allowed units to keep the buffs

-Main Gun now does a full 160 damage from 80

Mobile Assault

Sapper Flamethower
-Replace with a WASP callin
-300 manpower 10 Fuel
-2 Command points

Advance Emplacement

Repair Engineers
-no longer repairs in combat

Precision Barrage
Instead of fighting their counter with its counter, off map arty, now they have to play the same game.
-Now a 25 Pounder Emplacement
-range is shorter that other howitzer but comes sooner
-range is 160 over 250
-6 Command Points


Fixed USF's Cheap Weapon Teams so it can affect the crew members as well. Now effect the Mortar

Fixed Soviet's Catch this so it affects the Non Doctrinal Grenade rather than effecting the grenade assault.

UKF's Valor and Gallantry now effects medical officer upgraded units

UKF's Two Cuts now effects all upgraded officer units.

If you spot any bugs or I forgot to add anything please let me know. Balancing is done by math which is different from actual game play so if there is any hugely imbalances let me know.


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    2 years ago
    ÆgionÆgion Posts: 5

    New Update

    Infantry Section
    Since I eliminated UKF's source of snares I decided to add the snare in the infantry section however it requires Mills Bombs upgrade.
    Left 18 Counter Barrage**
    Previously it was a full 10 round barrage with a 90 second cool down giving this ability being very lack luster. This should help out in making it more of a substain

    -barrage salvo decreased from 10 to 4
    -cool down decreased from 90 to 30

    Panzerwerfer Counter Barrage
    Who actually used this ability or even attempt this ability? For similar reasons like the Left 18, so it can actually be usable.

    -barrage salvo decreased from 12 to 4
    -cool down decreased from 90 to 15

    Tiger Ace
    Even with it having a fuel cost instead of the drain, I believe it would still be unfair to play against.

    -Now a Brummbar Call in
    -10 CP
    -500 manpower/ 160 Fuel
    -NOT limited to one

    Jaeger Infantry Doctrine's Close Air Support
    With two Munitions sinks in already heavy munitions drawing doctrine I decide to change the ability
    -Now a Jaeger Light Infantry call in (like OKW)
    -Affected by the Stormtrooper Bulletin

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    2 years ago
    ÆgionÆgion Posts: 5

    New Update

    With these doctrines being underutilized, I decided to rework them.

    German Infantry
    In comparison, Jaeger Infantry is camouflage while German Infantry should be focused on open combat.

    -0 CP: Assault Pioneers
    -0 CP: Sprint
    -1 CP: Artillery Officer
    -2 CP: Model 24 Stun Grenades (Assault Pioneers can use this)
    -4 CP: Smoke Bombs (Airstrike)

    Idea behind this is an alternate T1. Assault Grens/Pios can fill the role of standard Grens. The Officer can increase their damage, call in smoke, and later coordinate fire for Pwefers. The smoke bombs airstrike will allow a global smoke option so the player is not limited to the Officer. Assault Grens and my Assault Pio are still on the weaker side of thing but the Stun Grenade ability should help them level that out.

    Gotta go fast! This is what the doctrine to me sounds like. Historically this meant with Vehicles so this should be focused on fast and aggressive vehicles.

    -0 CP: Panzer 4 F1 (Buildable Short Barrel P4s in T3)
    -4 CP: Fast March
    -7 CP: Tungsten Rounds (90 seconds of increased weapon penetration for all vehicles. 120 Munitions)
    -9 CP: Vehicle Breakthrough
    -10 CP: Command Panther (Equal to the OKW, up to 3 stars of veterancy)

    Ambush Camouflage
    Now Pioneers, Pak 40s, and GrW 43 Mortars can be upgraded with Ambush Camouflage

    250 Half-track
    To bring it in line with the Universal carrier, the frontal armor is being reduced to 7 from 11. Fuel cost is increased to 10 from 0

    Quality of Life Change
    When units are garrisoned in a vehicle, the vehicle can now cap, resulting in better queuing for mass capping.

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