Latest Panzer IV buff

1 year ago

Update 1.3v is out.

Many interesting and good changes like nerfed Soviet forward HQ, but one thing that stands out from all others is that both ost and OKW Panzer IV gets penetration buff which is not good at all. No one complained anything about Panzer IVs in the community, so why this change Relic?? Now there will be a blob of panzer IVs in almost every game. This is not healthy Relic! Atleast increase the pop cap of panzer IV to match this effectiveness.


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    1 year ago
    The pen buff isent massive. The only gripe i have with it is that the t34s price went along with it.
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    1 year ago
    le12role12ro Posts: 2,263 mod

    Closing down thread:
    *it does not follow balance forum guidelines.

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