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1 year ago
Hi all, with the pseudo removal of the demo charge i feel that Combat engies are going to be somewhat lacking so i wanted to make a thread to discuss some potential alternatives to make combat engies worth...something

If we right out REMOVE the demo as is in the WBP to replace it with something AS potent and useful and impactful i would recommend an emplacment of the m42 AT gun for 200mp and 10 fuel, it would be identical to the current m42, but immobile, the commanders that HAVE the m42 currently would provide this emplacment with a single sandbag that will likely just shot block. I suggest THIS because i can think of more situations in which players will build it than i can the WBP demo charge

Alternatives to THAT would be simply rremoving the demo ACTUALLY (instead of pretending its not being removed) and reducing the price of combat engies to properly reflect their performance and changing their name to something more fitting- i will provide rational for these changes beside them.

Ok so:
Change name from "combat engineer" to "base builder" because they provide nothing to combat, lacking upgrades outside of the flamethrower/minesweeper, offering no scaling, nor utility nor any meaningful impact to any combat at any point during the game. As an "engineer" unit, they provide less "engineering" than any other engineer type unit as well as some mainline infantry units so i feel that the title is being diluted by being attached to this unit
Additionally the price should be reduced to something like ~120mp to reflect their intended role (of only building base buildings and mine sweeping)

Other alternatives could be:
-The ppsh/flamer combo that was tried on penals
-An upgrade for a small amount of armour so their current pathetic contribution to fights might be extended by not being the squishiest AND lowest dps soviet squad
-ability to build DSHK pits
-make 6 models
-via t4 sidetech allow them to improve t34 front armour a la "stz" style welding
-ability to "work" caches for increased yields

Any thoughts and ideas to keep engies relevant and provides SOMETHING to the game when not building the base or repairing armour?


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    1 year ago
    LazarusLazarus Posts: 3,946
    I was thinking about it and I would encourage just manipulating the timer until we find something that works.

    But if we are just going to axe the demo I think making the PMD mines AI only and non doc would be a good replacement - the idea being you have them so accessible that instead of having 90 muni in one spot wiping a squad, you have it spread across your entire front wounding everyone. Might be an idea to tweak their suppression range/value too.
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    1 year ago
    I honestly think capping model deaths per squad is the way to go over a timer. 90mu to kill 3 models is a joke, but used on a blob the returns are greater.
    With a timer all it is is "65mu so the enemy hits T" ots not punishing a blob, its just delaying it slightly.

    We all know how well the maxim does at defending against blobs (and running from them thanks to motorcycle pathing) the demo was an ideal punishment for bad play that is now lacking entirely from the soviet lineup
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    1 year ago

    I agree with capping model deaths.

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    1 year ago

    Well, nobody is saying that demo charge is removing. It is just a good punishment for one of the most cheesiest elements of the game: demo is really cheap no-brainer, what wipes too much for cost.
    Soviet sturmpios are OK, the must not be a squad what does the fighting job alone: they are OK support for both cons and penals now, like Ostheer pios are close-combat support for grens.
    But upgrade idea for base-building sappers is OK, I think.
    Enough emplacements on allied side, thank you. It should be OK only if it works the same way as 2 cm flak. But who is gonna build this crap so?
    -The ppsh/flamer combo that was tried on penals
    Better give them an expensive package with PPS43 with stats like british "Sten". PPSH is too good, but soviets had that SMG in masses, why not deploy it there? Sweeper+PPS43+Increased speed of sweeping and planting mines seems OK, i guess. That's better using of muni for soviets than fuel spam with nerfed OKW flak HQ and 0 quaranty of taking it down even by Ostwind.
    -ability to build DSHK pits
    No no no, thanks.
    Better give em improvement possibility to build some defence structures like bunkers, but anything DSHK style, too OP. May be a bunker with good frontal sight and maxim working when conscripts are inside, like USF bunker with grenade launcher?
    -via t4 sidetech allow them to improve t34 front armour a la "stz" style welding
    No reason. It will put out KV-1, because this is exactly job of that heavy tank: have enough armor to deal only with PIV without taking damage. It will make PIV into bigger lackluster that it is now in teamgmes. Improved, cheap, great anti-infantry killer that can "tank" PIV undoctrinally so it will just rush supported bu SU85 cleaning in few minutes all what axis have? Seems OK for those, who play this game reminding who actually won the WWII and nothing else.
    -ability to "work" caches for increased yields
    Caches are just "nerfed" because they are quiet toxic and cheesy, especially on Allied side when OKW cannot build even muni caches. Why that should be untouched in soviet question? They spam tanks usually then others with so cheap and useful T34s.
    -make 6 models
    And trophy STG package or double panzerschreck for 60 muni, huh?

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    1 year ago
    _Aqua__Aqua_ Posts: 1,951

    Add flares, job done kappa

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    1 year ago
    > @_Aqua_ said:
    > Add flares, job done kappa

    They did that with presicion shot and sprint. Would be hilerious if the katty maxim and penals fired flares as vet abilities.

    Yes komrad i see them but i cant shoot them. You do it. But vasily i got flares as well...... lmao
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