Tanks without HP

1 year ago
XAHXAH Posts: 3

Guys, what do you think about a tanks without HP in CoH2? I mean penetration and armor system like on Men of War: Assault Squad game



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    1 year ago

    I like it. Like the tanks in Battlefront : Combat Mission.
    It's like COH2, but they have no hit points, only critical hits.

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    1 year ago
    TheWiseTheWise Posts: 63
    edited September 2018

    Besides "no hit points, only critical hits" - there must be not only critical hits, related to tank systems, like "main gun destroyed" or "lost tracks or wheels", but also ones, related to crew members - like "commander/gunner/loader/driver/gunner-radio operator killed/injured", eliminated by reinforcement (something like "the tank backs down to safe place, the reinforcing APC/truck moves it, "Reinforce" button appears in the tank's UI, the player clicks on it, and necessary number of models moves out of APC/truck and enters the tank") or healing (like "tank backs down, the crew goes out, and normal healing procedures take place, the healed crew goes back to the tank") for "$tank crew member$ killed/injured" respectively.
    This along with switchable shells (implemented as a dropdown list in the tank's UI - like in mentioned "Men of War: Assault Squad/Assault Squad 2" instead of abilities) with historically authentic types of shells would greatly increase the immersion.

    P.S. All the more so, that Relic tried to implement this in CoH2 - the remaiders can be found in the Mod Tools, and I even implemented them in my mod ("Summer 44", just FYI), but then removed them due to the sorry fact, that they could be only repaired, which looked a bit silly to me :smiley:

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