British Special Weapons Regiment, Hold The Line! ability bug

1 year ago
mrdjjag81mrdjjag81 Posts: 237
edited November 2017 in Bug Reporting

This ability dosent work very well for it's cost and should be looked at.

Problem: The problem accour when the planes are supose to do theyer strafe, its very randomly how it works. Normally they use to do the strafe when it's about 20 seconds left, however it seams like they only get triggered if there is at least one sort of a tank still in the area, even if they strafe inf as well. Theres so many times i used this ability and there are many enemy squads left in the sector, even tanks at times, but the planes won't strafe..

With such much mun as it cost it should work property.

Fix: Make sure the planes follow up if there is inf left in the area. It's an awesome ability otherwise to fend of huge attack when work property.


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