In light of the feedback survey, Company of Heroes 3 ideas and suggestions

2 years ago

I just received the Survey and gave my feedback, but wanted to discuss CoH3 with people.

My ideal version of CoH3 takes place in North Africa and the Western Front. In the Survey, they seem to be intent on Med theater, with Italy, North Africa, and Southern France. Based on their questions about which armies, their inclusion of Southern France does not seem to be about the Italian invasion of Southern France in the Early War (although they do ask if you'd like Early War!), but instead mentions the French Resistance.

I'm setting my expectations low for now, but how do people feel about a 1940-41 campaign setting? In my opinion, this is the most interesting time to set CoH3, because:

  • France, Italy, Britain and Germany are all viable factions. You could even go crazy and do Poland if you wanted a 5th faction, and you could do Soviet Union vs Finland if you wanted to go even more crazy.
  • Germany would be a fast striking force lacking heavy tanks, an interesting change from the previous games.
  • Light tanks and armored cars would be serious forces to contend with, not just jokes that are only viable for 3 minutes of gameplay.
  • It takes some of the focus away from "crazy" late war stuff and gets into lesser known early war stuff.

Do others agree/disagree?

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