King of The Hill | Season 2

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King of The Hill | Season 2

Last updated 26/11/2017

The King of the Hill is a 'winner stays on' competition which offers a chance to win money whilst promoting high-level play. Prize money is increased for the longer someone is able to keep their throne, winning consecutive games in a row. In order to be the King, you must defeat the current King! Contesters to the throne are chosen from a list of sign-up players before each game in the Twitch chat by raffle.


When there is no King, a game of Attrition will be played by 2 players voted from the selection pool. The winner will be King.

You can download the attrition game mode here - Download Attrition Game Mode

Standard Game Rules

Game Mode - 1v1, 500 VP's. All games played in the latest December Balance Preview (DBP) patch
Best of - All games are single elimination
Starting Positions - Allies start in position 1 or 2, Axis start in position 3 or 4 _
Bulletins - _All bulletins are allowed

Commanders - No restrictions
Factions - All factions are allowed
Matchups - No mirror matches allowed. All games are Allies vs Axis
Observer Settings - Please set observer delay to 3 minutes
Disconnects - Any disconnect after 5 minutes OR squad loss is a loss
Trolling - Trolling by any participant will result in a full non-revokable ban for the rest of this season

Each player may only contest the throne 1 time each week.
If the King is dethroned, he can not contest the throne again in the same week.

Game Setup

The Challenger to the throne picks the map first.
The King then selects their faction
The Challenger then selects their counter faction.

Map Pool

We will be using the updated version of these maps before the update hits. Please download updated maps from here and see the changes - Download Updated Maps Here

Arnhem Checkpoint
Faymonville Approach
La Gleize Breakout
Langreskaya - Updated
Kholodny Ferma - Updated
Semoisky Winter - Updated
Road to Kharkov
Crossing in the Woods - Updated
Lost Glider

Time Table

The tournament is scheduled for most Sunday's at 14:00 GMT. This may change occasionally and I communicate this via twitter but please check the weekly schedule posted on my channel for more information (

Sign Up

This tournament is designed to encourage high-level play in the community. You must meet the following eligibility requirements to signup to the player's list;

Ranked top 100 for at least 1 Allied Faction & 1 Axis Faction
Active Steam ID for primary account to be supplied

Please register your interest to play in this thread by posting your SteamID

You must be present to play each week in the hour before the tournament starts in this Steam community - Join Steam Community


The prize pool is entirely decided by donations and support.
King of the Hill Season 2 is introducing three ways to support the CoH2 community tournament scene.

Direct Donations to the stream
Purchase of 'King of the Hill' Faceplates on the in-game store
Donations to Matcherino or purchase of any Matcherino 'Rewards' (COMING SOON)

Matcherino COMING SOON

The link for matcherino will be coming soon

Matcherino will allow us to make payouts easily to players and setup rewards so that the community can contribute AND earn money themselves for supporting the scene. We'll also support stretch goals such as Rita Rush's CoH2 KOTH vehicle skins.

Matcherino allows any one of you to create something and 'sell it' with a percentage of the 'product/reward' going to the Prize Pool. We hope that community contributors and players will add contributions to help the scene. This could be things like

  • Tutorials from high level players
  • Community fan Art / Video
  • Products like CoH2 mugs, shirts etc


The prizes for this tournament are as follows.


1st Game Win - Become King of the Hill
2nd Win - £20.00 Prize Pool
Any following win - £10.00 added to Prize Pool

Prize money will be paid out monthly via Matcherino. It is advised that you keep track of what you have won in case of any discrepancies.


Casting will take place on

VoD's will be listed on

Casters for the event may change regularly

Process for playing

Signed players must be present in the 'Stormless' Steam group - Join Steam Community

Once you are voted in to play, you will be invited from here to the lobby where you will set up each game following the rules at the top of this document.



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