[2vs2-4vs4] [OST] G34 Mortar barrage rate and accuracy

1 year ago
mrdjjag81mrdjjag81 Posts: 237
edited December 2017 in Balance Feedback

Problem. The barrage and accuracy is too good for this thing with such a high rate of fire, also it has good range and fast pick up time to move arond make it impossible in early game to counter with exc. USF mortar (Need to get dangerous close becouse of the nerfed range, and still want be able to take them out. Soviet mortar? Well, lol.. nothing need to be said.

Even wors if u start as brit, now this is more of a problem in team games where one of the axis can pick 2-3 mortars and the other player can guard them easly with a mg42 or okw's strong early inf. If you wonder why the brits start spaming mortaremp u pretty much has the answer there, theres not a single game i play when those lasermortars start being massproduced in early game. Btw, just look how fast they vet up, is it suprisingly they reach vet 2-3 faster than any other team weapons in the game becouse how well they perform? Not really..
This could be gamechanger in early game if you happen to steal one of them.


  1. Adjust the barrage rate to somehwere to the level of the soviet mortar
  2. Adjust the accuracy a bit so it want 2-shoot weapon teams.


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